Sonosite iViz Ultrasound Transducer

SonoSite has been redefining next-generation point-of-care (POC) ultrasound since their inception in the early 1980s.  Their latest product, iViz, is an aggressive jump forward to deliver a full-featured device in a handheld size. We joined Sonosite just as engineering was finishing their rough proof of concept and initial PCB layouts. 

iViz easily goes between wards, ICUs, and clinics. Light weight portable design with one-handed fit and control allows for easy maneuvering on the ground at the patient side, in transport with the patient, or for home visits.

In order to make iViz work at the scale desired, the main processing chips would have to go into the transducer instead of the main display unit. This innovation saved space in the display unit and allowed the cable to be much thinner, but it came with added challenges to the transducer including a larger electronics package and new thermal challenges.  

The biggest challenge was the large size of the electronics package, was addressed by cutting out the square profile and sweeping a flattened elliptical. This allowed us to put the shorter chips out on the edges of the boards and the taller chips down the center spine of the housing. We also pushed some of the bigger components into the "neck", allowing us to slide the PCBs forward, shortening the overall design. ​​​​​​​

Additional Work:

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